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Application of DSP handles on wood stone cnc engraving machine

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Wide application of DSP handles for wood stone cnc engraving machines
1. Full offline operation.
2. You can directly read the files on the USB flash drive.
3. It is possible to process G code or PLT files of any size.
4. It has the ability to pre-check the processing documents to prevent the G code from being written incorrectly and prevent the material from being placed beyond the processing range.
5. With good self-diagnosis ability, it can diagnose input and output, parameters, pulse emitted, zero return signal, etc., and improve the ability of remote maintenance.
6. Can be fully automated and dynamically upgraded.
7. The system supports both Chinese and English.
8. You can select the line number to process part of the file.
9. Bring your own battery for more reliable power-down protection and recovery.
10 The processing process is smoother and more uniform, effectively reducing mechanical vibration.
11 Supports high subdivision to ensure high precision and high speed machining.
12 can directly support linear, arc and spline interpolation.

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