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How to choose a cutting tool for woodworking cnc router machine

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The engraving targets are different, and the engraving machine tools are different. The benefits brought by the correct choices are twice the result with half the effort. Similarly, when we choose to make mistakes, they will have the opposite effect. Here we will introduce them to you. Woodworking engraving machine tools need to pay attention to the selection.
 1. Acrylic cutting processing, it is recommended to use single-blade spiral milling cutter, which is characterized by smokeless and odorless, fast, high efficiency, non-sticky, and truly environmentally friendly. Its special manufacturing process guarantees that processing acrylic does not explode. , very fine knife pattern (even without knife), the surface is smooth and flat. The surface needs to be frosted. It is recommended to use a double-edged three-blade spiral milling cutter.
2. MDF cutting process, it is recommended to use double-blade large chip spiral milling cutter, which has two high-capacity chip flutes and double-edged design, which has good chip removal function and good tool balance. When processing high-density boards, it does not black out, does not smoke, and has a long service life.
3. For aluminum sheet cutting, it is recommended to use a single-blade special aluminum milling cutter. It does not stick to the knife during processing, and it has high speed and high efficiency.
4. Precision small relief processing, it is recommended to use a round bottom knife.
5. Cork, MDF, native wood, PVC, acrylic large deep relief processing, it is recommended to use single-blade spiral ball end mill.
6. The upper and lower burr-free cutting process is recommended. It is recommended to use a single-edged, double-edged upper and lower cutting cutter.
7. High-density board, solid-wood milling cutter is recommended.
8. Multi-layer board, splint processing, it is recommended to use double-blade straight slot milling cutter.
9. The effect of the lower cutter is that there is no burr on the upper surface of the processed product, and it will not be rocked when processed.
10. Diamond engraving knives are recommended for woodworking engraving.

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