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The role of vacuum worktable on woodworking engraving machine.

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The advantage of the vacuum adsorption table is that even irregular plates can be tightly fixed on the surface of the engraving machine. There is no vibration affecting the engraving effect during the engraving process. Obviously, the vacuum adsorption table will be to some extent. Improve the precision of engraving, especially for relatively thin or lighter or irregular plates. After being fixed with a jig, it may still cause small displacement due to machine vibration during engraving, which affects the precision of engraving, and the vacuum adsorption table is very A good solution to this problem.
The vacuum adsorption table is connected by a vacuum pump to the bottom of the woodworking engraving machine. There are a plurality of adsorption holes on the surface of the engraving machine. When we put the board on top, the board is firmly absorbed by the vacuum generated by the vacuum pump. On the countertop, the engraving machine starts working at this time, and the whole loading and unloading process is no more than ten seconds, which is efficient and fast. Ideal for line carving of wooden doors and panel furniture.
However, vacuum-adsorbed countertops are not perfect for any wood, or there is no perfect thing in the world. The so-called perfection is relative. The material that is not suitable for the vacuum adsorption table is thick and heavy. The plate itself is heavy enough to absorb it, and it is difficult to absorb it. It only needs to be fixed by the clamp to ensure that the displacement that does not affect the engraving precision will not occur. The table was vacuum-adsorbed.
Another kind of material that is not suitable for vacuum adsorption table engraving machine is the material that needs to be cut or hollowed out. This is not a problem of material itself, but there is no way to vacuum after cutting and hollowing out. Naturally, there is no way to say anything. Vacuum adsorption, but there is a compromise, that is, put a thin layer of MDF on the table, which can solve the problem of vacuum adsorption of cutting and hollow carving to some extent.

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