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What are the basic components of the CNC cutting machine?

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The basic structure of CNC cutting machine:bed body mechanism, spindle motor, transmission mode, table top, control system, drive, stepper/servo motor, guide rail, frequency converter, pump, vacuum cleaner, etc.
The CNC cutting machine body is generally steel structure, generally for the gantry movement, the bed structure uses a new type of generous tube mechanism, which has the advantages of stable and non-deformation;
The main shaft is divided into air-cooled and water-cooled, and air-cooling or water-cooling is selected according to customer requirements and engraving workpieces;
Motor. The motor and the driver are integrated, and a servo motor or a stepping motor can be selected;
5. The transmission mode includes rack drive and screw drive. The rack speed is fast and the precision is low. It is generally used on woodworking machines. The relative speed of the screw rod is slow and the precision is high. It is generally used on advertising machines. Most manufacturers practice XY shaft racks and Z-axis ball screws.
6. There are many control systems, such as: Shanghai Ncstudio, DSP controller, Taiwan LNC, etc.;

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