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What auto tool change methods are used in cnc router machine?

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The CNC machining center (automatic tool change engraving machine) uses the tool magazine to realize the tool change. This is the tool change method that is widely used in the machining center. There are many types of tool magazines. There are two types of tool magazines: disc type and chain type (straight type).
The tool changer is changed according to whether there is a robot involved in the tool change process, and it is divided into two cases: a robot change tool and a no robot change tool. In the process of changing the tool by a robot, a robot is used to pull the machined tool out of the spindle. At the same time, another robot pulls the tool waiting in the magazine out of the magazine, and then the two exchange positions. Complete the tool change process. When there is no robot change, the tool storage direction in the magazine is parallel to the spindle, and the tool is placed at the position that the spindle can reach. When the tool is changed, the spindle box is moved to the upper position of the tool change position. The machining tool is inserted into the required space in the tool magazine by the Z-direction movement of the spindle. Then the tool to be changed in the tool magazine is transferred to the standby position. Movement, remove the tool to be changed from the magazine and insert the tool into the spindle. The system with the robot is configured in the tool magazine, and the relative position of the spindle and the number of items are flexible, and the tool change time is short. The structure without the robot is simple, but the tool change time is long.
In the automatic operation of the engraving machine, the automatic tool change operation is automatically performed by executing the tool change program. When the engraving machine is manually operated, the ATC's tool change is done manually or by MDI mode.

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