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Heavy structure wood cnc center

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Feature and function
1 The gantry movement is the traditional moving mode of the engraving machine. Compared with the movement of the table top, this moving mode can effectively reduce the use area of ​​the customer's factory building, and it is convenient and quick to use when the customer uses it.
2 This machine is equipped with automatic lubrication pump and equipped with LED display screen lubrication time can be adjusted. (PS: The conventional self-lubricating slider tank on the market has a life of three months. After three months, the fuel tank should be replaced. Pure oil injection has no effect.)
3 The machine is equipped with automatic tool setting instrument and one-button tool setting, which eliminates the cumbersome manual tool setting, saves time and labor, and makes the machine more automated.
4 The vacuum adsorption table of the machine uses German double tread vacuum adsorption technology, and the double-layer table surface strokes a vacuum chamber to make the table surface adsorption effect stronger. The adsorption area can be selected according to the size of the workpiece, so that the vacuum pump has stronger adsorption force.
Application of heavy structure wood cnc center:
1 Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, panels, office furniture, tables, chairs, doors and windows
2 Wood products: speakers, game cabinets, computer desks, sewing machines, musical instruments.
3 Decoration industry: boring and milling of soft metal plates such as stone, graphite, acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexiglass, plastic, and copper and aluminum
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Table size
Working size X axis: 1320mm Y axis: 2500mm Z axis: 200mm
Workpiece height 200mm
Displacement speed X axis: 70M/min Y axis: 70M/min Z axis: 20M/min X axis: 40M/min Y axis: 30M/min Z axis: 20M/min
Spindle taper
ISO-30/ BT 30
Tool magazine type Disc-shaped steel eight knives Disc type plastic steel 16 knife double tool magazine
CNC controller SYNTEC Or LNC control system
Spindle horsepower 9KW air cooled / 24000RPM / 4P / ISO-30 / ER-32 HSD 9KW 24000RPM / air cooling / 4P / ISOT30 / ER32
Servo motor  Yaskawa Servo X-axis: 850W Y-axis: 850W Z-axis: 850W Yaskawa Servo X-axis: 1.3KW Y-axis: 1.3KW Z-axis: 850W
Reducer Taiwan KIMPO
Vacuum pump 5.5KW
Guide rail Taiwan Yintai X-axis 25 Y-axis: 30 Z-axis: 20
Ball screw TBIZ axis: 2510 TBI grinding grade X axis: 32Y axis: 40Z axis: 25
Central dust collection 3KW vacuum cleaner

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