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Wood ATC CNC production line

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Function: The product belongs to the standard automatic loading and unloading machining center, which is suitable for multi-product processing such as boring, embossing, drilling, cutting and edge cutting.
Structure: The fuselage is welded by high-strength thick-walled steel pipe. After annealing and aging sandblasting, the structure is stable and the precision is guaranteed.
Accessories: The products adopt world famous brands - German rack / Taiwan rail screw / Taiwan reducer / Schneider Electric components, etc., stable performance, durable.
Accuracy: Excellent accessories and precise testing device to achieve perfect positioning and running accuracy.
High speed: It adopts the direct connection design of the reducer, high torque, high kinetic energy, X-axis dual motor drive, smooth running efficiency.
Countertop: The countertop adopts double-layer multi-point adsorption design, multi-slot large suction, and good adsorption effect.
Tool magazine: According to the demand, there is a disc type eight-knife library optional.
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Parameter of wood cnc router machine:
Working size 1300mm*2500mm*100mm
Idle moving speed 40m/min 80m/min
Working speed 18m/min 25m/min
Spindle 6.0kw air cooling spindle 24000rpm
Raw drill type optional 9v vertical drill
Control system Taiwan Syntec control system
Drive system Delta Delta/Yaskawa
Working voltage AC380V/3PH/50HZ
Electrical accessories Taiwan Delta inverter / France Schneider low voltage electrical / quality cable
Transmission component Germany HERION rack / Taiwan PMI rail / Taiwan PMI screw
Vacuum worktable Double-layer multi-point high efficiency vacuum adsorption table

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