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Woodworking CNC center

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Feature and function:
The mechanical and electrical components of this model are international top products, such as the vacuum system and transmission system in Germany, the servo drive system in Japan, the original imported spindle from Italy, etc.; the automatic knife changing system and the tool magazine capacity of 8 The tool change time is only 2 seconds; the double-track bilateral transmission machine is a heavy-duty machining machine.
This machine is suitable for a wide range of complex product processing or various processing, with a wide range of functions: boring, drilling, cutting, side milling, leading edge and so on.
1 Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, panels, office furniture, tables, chairs, doors and windows.
2 Wood products: speakers, game cabinets, computer desks, sewing machines, musical instruments.
3 Decoration industry: boring and milling of soft metal plates such as stone, graphite, acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexiglass, plastic, and copper and aluminum.
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Parameters of Woodworking CNC center:
1 Model EK1325 fours heads
2 X, Y axis travel 1300x2500mm
3 Z-axis travel 200mm
4 Maximum operating speed 30m/min
5 Maximum engraving speed 25m/min
6 Resolution 0.01mm
7 Repeatability 25m/min
8 Clamping method Vacuum adsorption
9 Engraving instruction G code
10 Control System Mountain dragon
11 Operating Voltage AC380V/50Hz
12 Spindle power 9KW
13 Spindle speed 1000-24000rpm/min
14 Way of working Servo and rack rail
15 Running rail Triaxial full square rail

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