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Wood engraving cnc router 1325

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1325 aluminum profile solid wood relief woodworking engraving machine applicable industries:
1. Woodworking industry: hollow engraving of density board, fiberboard, particle board, artificial synthetic board, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft window processing, shoe polishers, game machine cabinets and panels, mahjong Auxiliary processing of tables, computer tables and panel furniture products.
2. Advertising industry: advertising signs, logo production, acrylic cutting, blister molding, and advertising decoration products made of various materials.
3. Other industries: It can engrave all kinds of large-scale relief sculptures and shadow sculptures, which are widely used in the craft gift industry.
EK1325 engraving machine performance characteristics (machine warranty for two years):
1. The bed adopts thickened and generous square tube welded bed, which is reinforced without deformation, reliable and durable; the gantry of the bed can be guaranteed for 5 years.
2. The guide rail adopts imported linear square gauge with reliable accuracy; the rack adopts precision rack, which can be equipped with imported precision reducer. Equipped with an automatic lubrication system to ensure that the guide rail is durable.
3. The specially designed Z-axis structure and high-power X and Z-axis drive motors can effectively improve the accuracy of relief, solve the problem of broken belts or broken screws on the Z-axis, and increase the machining speed by more than 2 times;
4. The cable adopts double-sheathed high-flexibility shielded cable, CNC special cable, anti-interference, anti-static; high flexibility, long-term use will not break or interfere. Can be guaranteed for 3 years.
5. The Y-axis is driven by dual motors to ensure stable operation.
6. The system adopts numerical control system and efficient automatic processing, which greatly saves time and investment cost for you and improves production efficiency. It has the functions of breaking point, power failure, and cutting tool to continue carving. It has the characteristics of high stability and fast efficiency, and is simple and easy to learn;
7. The limit position adopts Japan Omron original limit position to improve the accuracy of returning to the origin. The limit can be guaranteed for three years.
8. The spindle motor adopts a high-speed spindle; the inverter adopts a high-performance stepless speed-regulating inverter, which has the functions of overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overload protection, and overheat protection.
9. The three-digit curve prediction algorithm can ensure the speed and accuracy of curve running, and is well compatible with various domestic and foreign software (such as Jingdiao software, Wentai, Type3, UG, AutoCAD, ArtCAM, Proe software), etc.;
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1325 aluminum profile solid wood relief woodworking engraving machine parameter configuration:

Model EK-1325 CNC  router
Working area 1300*2500mm
z-axis travel 200mm( can be customized)
Gantry Stable steel structure
Guide rail Taiwan Hiwin 20mm square guide rail
Transmission High precision gear rack
Working table Industrial Aluminium profile with T Slot
Control system Shanghai Nc studio
Spindle motor 4.5KW water cooling
Working voltage 380-415V 3P 220V.1p
Spindle rotating speed 0-24000rpm
Mechanical precision 0.02m
Working traveling speed 0-28000m/min
Working speed 0-15000m/min
Driver China 450B Stepper motor&leadshine860h driver
Inverter Fuling brand
Software Type3/artcam/Jd paint
Working command HPGL.G code.U00.Plt.Eng
Standard accessories 1. NC studio card
2. Cutting tools 20sets
3. Clamp 6sets
4. Cable line
5. Single bag dust collector
Warranty  One year
Shipping port From Qingdao

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