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Metal mould engraving machine

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Performance characteristics:
Model: Jade carving machine EK-3030
Function: Multi-function small stone engraving machine function
Application of cnc meatal graver:
Scope of application: jade, jade, copper, aluminum, iron and other metal materials, high precision, good carving effect.
The bed structure is integrally cast, and the German imported guide ball screw nut is used for high precision.
CNC digital control with breakpoint memory.
Work fast.
Human design, easy to operate.
Powerful, suitable for jade processing, metal engraving.
Cost-effective and outstanding performance.
Parameters of high precision metal mould cnc engraving machine:
Model EK-3030
X-axis travel 300mm
Y-axis travel:
Z-axis travel:
80mm (can be customized)
Bed structure:
Cast iron or cast aluminum
High working speed:
Operating voltage:
AC 220V/50H
Spindle power:
Spindle speed:
Control System:
Drive type high precision stepper motor
Running instructions:
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