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Plasma metal cutting and drilling machine

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This device is a star product of our company. After years of research and testing, the machine has finally been optimized to the fifth generation, adding a lot of unique R&D technologies and concepts. Therefore, the details of this product far surpass those of its peers, and the customers actually get convenience and benefits. Customers who have done a little comparison and then visited our company will choose us without hesitation.
This machine is mainly aimed at customers who require very high cutting small rounds and customers with high labor costs in the region. We have realized the perfect combination of CNC drilling machine and cutting system, unified and fully automatic integrated machine that realizes all work, and we can also drill only on the steel plate according to our own needs, thus saving a lot of ordinary daily salary expenses, and drilling It is also standard and more efficient.
This equipment can drill 2-13mm small circles, the accuracy of the small circles can be controlled within 0.05mm, the drilling time is fast, the operation is simpler, the design is more reasonable when a lot of work is done, and the software operation is more user-friendly.
Machine features:
Equipment introduction: Desktop CNC cutting machine is a high-efficiency, high-precision, high-reliability cutting equipment that combines precision mechanical transmission and thermal cutting technology. The good man-machine interface makes the operation more convenient and simple, and can cut out various complicated shapes quickly and accurately. It is especially suitable for the automatic cutting of medium and thin non-ferrous metal plates, stainless steel and carbon steel plates. It adopts one-piece modular design, which is quick to install and easy to move.
1. Adopting integrated advanced structure design, compact structure, good rigidity and stable performance. Lightweight structure design is adopted horizontally, with good sports performance. Vertically adopt bilateral synchronous drive system.
2. The vertical and horizontal guide rails adopt domestic or imported linear guide rails with high precision and good guidance. The drive rack and gear are customized by professional manufacturers, and the surface is carburized and quenched with high precision. The horizontal and longitudinal transmission adopts German NEUGART high-precision, high-torque, low-backlash, maintenance-free planetary gear reducer.
3. Servo drive adopts Panasonic servo drive system with position detection function, high motion precision, wide speed range, short acceleration time.
4. Dust removal workbench or smoke treatment device can be selected to create a good working environment.
5 The cutting opening is small, neat and without slag drop, which avoids secondary trimming.
6 Fast cutting speed, high precision and low cost.
7 The CNC system has high configuration, automatic arc ignition and stable performance.
8 Optional multiple plasma power sources to meet the cutting requirements of different metal materials.
Model 1325 1530 1540 1560 2040 2060
Cutting width (mm) 1300 1500 1500 1500 2000 2000
ower supplygth (mm) 2500 3000 4000 6000 4000 6000
CNC system
Beijing Sidafeng CNC system or optional according to user requirements
Cutting thickness According to the power of plasma power supply
Power supply Fine cutting thickness Max. cutting thickness Compressed air pressure
63A /65A 8mm 12mm 0.6mpa
100A/105A 20mm 25mm 0.6mpa
120A/125A 22mm 25mm 0.6mpa
160A 25mm 30mm 0.8mpa
200A 30mm 40mm 0.85mpa
Idle speed (mm/min) The fastest is 20000mm/min, the factory setting is 12000mm/min
Cutting speed (mm/min) Adjust according to the thickness of the sheet. The fastest speed will not be higher than the idle speed.
Cutting table Dust removal + pipeline laying (other manufacturers either do not have pipelines or motors, we all have them)
Machine positioning accuracy 0.02mm
Cutting accuracy
methodpower In addition to the plasma power supply, the whole machine is 3.5kw, and the power consumption of different power supplies is also different. The average is about 15kw.
Total Weight 1400-1800KGS
Total transfer  Step + rack (we use 1.25 film helical teeth and other household 1.5 film straight teeth, so our accuracy is higher, another reason for better cutting results), or Japan servo + rack + high precision square rail
Height adjustment method The height is automatically adjusted in the whole process, and the high sensitivity can be adjusted up to 150mm. Other manufacturers only have 50mm
Cable We use xibe super-flex cables, which can be folded repeatedly 1.2 million times, while the cables of other homes can only be 300,000 times. In other words, our cables have no problems in 6 years, while the cables of other homes are only one year. More points may cause problems.

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