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Plasma metal pipe and sheet cutter

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Plasma Machine Feature
1 .The machine is all welded as seamless steel structure. Steady structure and long life time.
2. High configuration, high cutting speed and precision.
3. Auto ARC starting. Steady performance.
4.Control system: DSP handset control, with USB interface
5. Cutting material: steel, copper, iron, aluminum, galvanized sheet,titanium plates, and so on.
6. File format: G-code
7.Suitable Software : Artcut, Type3, ArtCAM. Beihang Haier.
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Plasma Machine Application:
Processing shells of machinery and electronic products,
advertising signs, crafts, iron garden, car manufacture,
iboat building, electrical accessories, board cutting.
plasma Machine Applicable materials
Iron plate, aluminum plate, titanium, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet,
white steel plate, metal materials.
Plasma Machine Technical Parameter:
Model  EK-1325/1530PT
X,Y working area 13000mm*2500mm/1500*3000mm
Z working area 150mm
Lathe bedS Steel structure with water sink
Machine Power 8.5kw
Working voltage 380V/50HZ
Reposition precision 0.05mm
Processing precision 0.1mm
Maximum cutting speed 300mm/s
Torch Height control mode HYD/ Start/ air cylinder
Cutting thickness 0-40mm
Plasma power supply China LGK-63A/100A/200A OR Hypertherm Plasma power supply made in USA 65A/85A/105A/200A
Control system Start/ SJTU-CNC/Hypertherm etc
Motors Stepper/ servo
Software ARTCUT, Fastcam etc
Weight 1600kg
1.Different working size: 1300X2500MM /1500X3000MM /2000X4000MM
or other sizes according to customers’ needs
2.Servo motors and drivers
3.Different power: 65A / 100A / 130A /200A for different thickness cutting
4.Torch Height control system
Lathe bed steel structure with water sink

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